72nd Annual Tulelake Butte Valley Fair - September 7-10, 2023
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Youth Livestock Auction

On behalf of the Tulelake Rotary Club and the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair, we would like to extend an invitation to this year’s auction, to be held on Sunday, September 11th at this year’s Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair. We have saved a spot for you at Jock’s Sale Pavilion and hope that you can join us at 4:00 pm on auction day. Sunday is Family Day at the fair, with free admission and free parking for all our valued guests.

If you are unable to attend on auction day or are interested in another way to support the FFA & 4-H exhibitors, we invite you to join the 2022 Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair Buyer’s Group. You can specify whether your contribution is targeted towards specific projects, specific clubs or evenly applied to every exhibitor’s project that is sold at this year’s auction. To join the Buyer’s Group, please contact the Fair Office at 530-667-5312 or fill out the form at the link below and return it to the Fair Office by Friday, September 2nd.

We truly appreciate your time and dedication to supporting the youth of the 10-A Agriculture District. During an especially challenging year, we are grateful for your unwavering commitment to the past, present and future of our communities. We are looking forward to seeing lots of familiar and new faces at this year’s Rotary Junior Livestock Auction.


Tulelake-Butte Valley Joint Junior Livestock Auction Committee

Where Does the Money Go?

The Tulelake Rotary Club serves as the auction sales committee with the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair Youth Livestock Exhibitors. Many in the community have asked, “Where does the money go when an animal is purchased at the auction?” 92% of the initial purchase for the market animals is paid to the youth seller. Tulelake Rotary club retains an 8% commission on initial.
The 8% commission serves three purposes:
1. To pay for the cost of the auction.
2. 50% of the net revenues from the commission go right back to the Tulelake Butte Valley Fair.
3. The balance of the commission net revenues goes to support the Tulelake Rotary’s Community and youth. Auction Funds are not used for club activities.

Tulelake Rotary Scholarships

Tulelake Rotary auctions off animals at the end of the sale to support its scholarship fundraising efforts.
Scholarships are awarded in college scholarships to graduation seniors from Tulelake, Butte-Valley and Lost River High Schools.

Thank you for your continued support of Tulelake Rotary’s Scholarship Program.

It’s Easy to Buy!

During the Sale, just raise your bidder’s paddle or hand to bid on an animal. If yours is the winning bid, a runner will bring the bill of sale to you for your signature and processing instructions. Please be sure that your contact information (Name, Billing Address + Phone #) is correct on the form before sending it back with runner.

You may indicate the meat packing company, processing instructions and charity donation on the bill of sale. All donated animals will have the processing fee added to the price or you have the option of consigning your purchased animal for a commercial packer for resale at the market price as of the day of the sale. In this case, you only pay the difference between the market price and the purchase price. If you are donating the meat, the donating individual is responsible for the full price, including the cut and wrap charges on all non-resale animals.


The auction relies on “Cash Flow” to meet its obligations, so your timely payment of your successful auction bid is appreciated. The number one priority of Tulelake Rotary is to provide a secure sales opportunity for our area youth with timely payment. A portion of the Tulelake Rotary commission is assigned to a reserve fund to ensure that there will be funds to pay the kids and expenses at future auctions.

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